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Welcome to Auctionology Live™, a complimentary webinar series created by Supreme Auctions to educate, and provide luxury real estate trends, market updates, and the latest in luxury real estate auctions from leading Industry Experts.

11-30 2021

Unprecedented Wealth - A Look at Lifestyle, Interests and Trending Influences in America

Craig Hogan, VP Of Global Business Development at Supreme Auctions will host Two Luxury Wealth Experts Diane Hartley and Moira Boyle for a power-packed discussion on:
    Emerging Wealth demographics in an unprecedented market
    Striking developments amid the upheaval of  the Coronavirus Pandemic     Engaging & connecting with High-Net-Worth individuals in this new world

Diane Hartley

President of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

Diane brings her passion for luxury marketing and more than 20 years of experience growing and leading businesses to her role as president of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Diane works with her team, Institute Instructors, and strategic partners to enhance the membership experience in The Institute, where membership has tripled during her tenure. She has served in numerous senior level management roles, including leading strategy and marketing for a consulting firm focusing on high net worth individuals, and publisher of the first local social media website in Dallas-Fort Worth supporting 18 community newspapers for The Dallas Morning News.

Moira Boyle

Senior Director of Global Luxury for
Euromoney / Wealth Engine

As the Senior Director of Global Luxury at Euromoney, Moira oversees the global luxury sales for WealthEngine, Wealth-X and RelSci. As a University of Virginia graduate with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, her specialty is collaborating with clients to create custom data centric solutions. Moira works with the sales teams and CMOs for many of the top global companies in sports, travel, auto, retail, couture, and real estate.

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About Supreme Auctions

Supreme Auctions provides an accelerated marketing program to sell luxury real estate by utilizing an auction event. As the Architects of the Industry™, our luxury real estate auctions are a transparent process; this approach to buying and selling luxury homes enhances rather than competes with the existing traditional luxury real estate industry. By working together and partnering with luxury real estate brokers; connecting sellers with qualified buyers Supreme Auctions provides an elite, and dynamic approach to a demanding market. Combining years of expertise with genuine personalities, Supreme Auctions has become the company that homeowners of high-end luxury properties can rely on to achieve their goals and in which others have tried to imitate. In the fast-paced world of technology, there is still no better way to bring the highest price for a luxury item than at auction. With their knowledge and special understanding of the luxury market, and targeted marketing campaigns, Supreme Auctions has the highest success rate, currently at 94% in the luxury real estate auction industry.

In just 14 years, Supreme Auctions has become America’s foremost luxury real estate auction firm, with a stellar reputation and a client satisfaction rating that is second-to-none. A fact celebrated by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing for marketing excellence in the industry.Visit SupremeAuctions.com